Aug 26, 2009

Being Disorganized Costs You Money

Remember that time you were unable to find something you knew you had - somewhere - was it duct tape, or??? What was that thing? And you bought another one, and then found the first one? Now you got two. Yeah, that happens to all of us, I think. Being disorganized costs you money.

Remember that time you picked up the mail, and had it in your purse, or was it on the floor of your car, and that gas bill came due, and, where DID I put that thing? Late bills = late fees. Being disorganized costs you money.

And then there was the time you had the late video to return t0 Blockbuster. Remember that? How about the overdue library books? Yeah, those too. Late returns = late fees. Being disorganized costs you money.

Hey, what about that time you needed cash right now, even though the ATM there wasn't on your network? You knew it was going to ding you for $3 or $7 in ATM fees, but hey, this is an emergency right? I need this Red Bull from the C-Store to finish my paper that's due tomorrow. Being disorganized costs you money.

Remember that time you were registering your child for camp, and the fee was one price before a certain date, and add ten dollars for late registration? And remember how you meant to register on time? You thought about it again and again, and said, "Yeah, I gotta do that real soon" - and then another day went by and you didn't get it done, and, ooops - there you are, sheepish grin on your face, paying the "late registration" fee. Being disorganized costs you money.

How to save money? Easy? Organize. Find ONE place where bills go. Find ONE place where duct tape goes. Find ONE place where library books & videos go. Live & die by your date book. Write it down, look at it often. Set an alarm on your cell phone. When it becomes important to you, you will do it. I promise.

Don't do everything at once. Organize one thing: your silverware drawer. Now, armed with that victory, stay on top of it and add one more thing: that pile of papers on your desk. Tackle one thing at a time, until you feel confident that everything due is current. Take a deep breath. Isn't that a great feeling?

What are you going to organize today?

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