Aug 22, 2009

College Degrees vs. Starting Pay

CBS moneywatch has an interesting article titled The Best & Worst College Degrees by Salary.
How predictable: Social Work, Elementary Ed, and Theology scored at the bottom, while Chemical Engineering scored at the top. The things that reap big profits for corporations pay well; the things that nurture our soul pay poorly. I should say, they pay poorly in material wealth. There is a lot of satisfaction, however, in making an impact on the lives of others. Have you ever taught a child to read? Taught her how to tie her shoe? Having been there, let me tell you it was so much more meaningful than sitting in a windowless office making rich people richer.

Teaching is not for everyone. It really is a calling. You have to have such a passion for it that you are willing to disconnect from "stuff" and learn to live frugally. You have to understand that the best things in life are not things. Money is nice. I enjoy being able to pay the bills. But, as Bob the Tomato said in Veggie Tales' video Madame Blueberry, "How much stuff do you need to be happy?"

On whose life are you making an impact today?

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