Sep 14, 2009

Isn't That Special?

A friend of mine is considering changing her children's school, because they won't let her daughter have her cell phone on an overnight retreat. The child has medical issues, and the mom wants to be sure the daughter can reach her.

I completely understand the school's policy. This is a Christian school, and the retreat is a religious experience. Texting your friends will not add to your spiritual growth. I completely understand the mom. "The policy is 'stupid' because my child has needs that other children don't have." Well, ok, I don't agree the policy is stupid. I agree that Mom might have a legitimate concern.

Her child is special.

I don't mean that in the Olympic sense of the word. I mean it as, "no one loves my child more than I do, and the lioness claws come out if I think my child needs defending." My children are special, too. I'm guilty of defending them. Every mom is. That's why kids have moms - to speak for the voiceless, to defend the young. It's a great system.

Changing schools is not the answer.

Every school is going to have a policy you don't like. Until you've met the other 29 kids in your child's class without health issues and seen what they do with cellphones that do not add to their spiritual growth, you would not appreciate the school's policy. It's not pretty.
Teens across the country are being charged with child pornography for sending inappropriate photos from their cell phones, and lives are being destroyed because of bad choices made by immature teens.

So you can't blame the school for having a policy. What you can do is sit down with the principal and find out what your other options are. Can an adult keep possession of the girl's phone during the retreat? Can the girl use an adult's phone to check in a couple of times each day to say "Hi it's me nothing's wrong" ? Can she skip the retreat and do an alternate assignment like a project, report, or essay?

Schools and parents are never going to agree on everything. It's because each side has information that the other doesn't.

Share the information. It can only help the kids. Especially the special ones.

Who are you going to (nicely) defend today?

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