Oct 23, 2009

Jesus is Not at Target

For several years now I've needed to replace the rope-light nativity set that has graced my yard each Christmas season, from the day after Thanksgiving, until Epiphany (the 12th day of Christmas.) I did not realize how hard it would be to replace a seasonal decoration. The Christmas stuff starts filling the store shelves before Halloween, after all.

However, not only can I not find a rope-light nativity, but I cannot even find the nativity, period. There are snowmen and angels and Santa and gifts and candy canes, and every other secular decoration you can imagine. Where is Jesus?

I shop every store in my area, with limited success. I say limited, because Hobby Lobby did have a nativity set for sale last year that was several thousand dollars over my meager budget.

What bothers me is the vast array of Christmas decorations that includes things heretofore un-Christmaslike. Some years ago, Christmas penguins showed up on the store shelves. Penguins? They live at the South Pole; Santa's at the North. What's up with that? Then there were some Christmas flamingos. They're a tropical bird, but ok, people around the Equator probably celebrate Christmas, too.

But Christmas PIGS?

Yes, this year, at Target, we are treated to the additional option of a 30-inch glitter wired Christmas Pig. Since they're made in China, I have to wonder if they're 2007 leftovers from the Chinese Year of the Pig. Target is smart enough to snap them up at clearance prices, and sell them to Americans who, by all accounts, have forgotten whose birthday Christmas celebrates.

I thought this was bizarre and unique until I discovered there is a whole industry of Christmas-Pig themed merchandise: ornaments, scarves, books, and of course LOTS of tchotchkes.

Whatever you put in your yard is ok, ok? Me, I'll keep looking, and I'll let you know if I ever find Jesus. Watch this space.

What (or whom) are you seeking today?

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