Nov 27, 2009

Post-GobbleFest Power Shopping

After yesterday's gobble-fest, there is more of me to love today. Fortunately, my weight doesn't fluctuate more than a few pounds since we adopted an exuberant dog who walks me a mile every morning, and another mile in the evening. I like walking this dog because it keeps me healthy, active, and it's free. I don't have to pay gym fees, and I doubt they'd let Kona in, anyway.

I often talk about being a smart consumer, but there are occasions where saving money just doesn't make sense. Not for everyone. Today, Black Friday, with temps hovering around freezing, the reports are coming in about those who camped out in front of Best Buy and other stores, in order to get in on some bargains. Electronics made in China, no doubt.

Me, I'll sleep in my warm bed, thanks.

Power shoppers regard the "discomfort" of lines, ill-mannered crowds, and freezing temps as part of the sport. Like deer hunters waiting in the tree stand, and having to gut the thing after the kill, it's "all part of the fun." The victory is what matters, whatever the cost.

I weigh the sanity of participating in Power Shopping with my need to save a few bucks. Aside from how much money I'll "save," won't I save even more by not shopping? Do I need more stuff? Is it worth a good night's sleep to acquire it at half off? Is the money better spent paying full price and being well-rested and congenial the next day?

Yeah, it is, at least for me.

Choose wisely and choose well. I'm rolling over for another snooze...

How will you choose to wisely spend your time and money today?

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