Feb 23, 2010

Cell Phones & School

Everyone in my county knows that cell phones are not allowed in school.

The unwritten rule for me as an educator is, if I don't see it, I don't have to report it. If I don't know you have a phone in the bottom of your purse, I'm not going to confiscate it and take it to the office where your mama has to come and retrieve it. As long as I don't hear it go off, how could I know you have it?

Like probably every other parent in the school district, I want my kids to have a phone at school (turned to "silent" of course.) I like knowing if practice was canceled and they need a ride now, not two hours from now. If there were a lockdown situation, it would not hurt my feelings to get a text from my child saying "I'm ok."

I also want my children to follow the rules. We respect authority.

By allowing phones, I fear that I'm really teaching them that the rules don't apply to us, and it's ok to break them as long as you don't get caught.

There are other fears much worse. This one is a fear I'm willing to live with.

What mixed signals are you sending today, and are they worth the price?

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