Feb 25, 2010

Feral Children

Feral children are those who lack the upbringing or input from parents, which civilizes most of us into decent human beings. We learn to use the toilet, eat with utensils, speak a language, acknowledge and respect the rights of others.

Imagine a child without that adult input. They're feral. They're raising themselves. I've seen these children at schools, at "good" schools. These schools are zoned for communities where property taxes are in the thou$ands annually because the residents insist on sending their kids to the "best" schools.

If these residents knew what they were paying for, they'd demand a refund.

You want to know how to "fix" public education? Remove every student who doesn't want to be there.

The feral ones would go first.

And then, without their disruptive behavior, the rest of them could learn.

How would you fix public schools, if you could, today?

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