Mar 25, 2010

Have an Opinion!

The 1% sales tax referendum passed in my county.

As I said in an earlier blog post, I was on the fence. In fact, I was on the fence until about an hour before I went to the polls.

Please note that I went to the polls. This tax directly affects me, because I buy stuff. I know very few people who don't buy stuff, and of those, someone buys stuff (usually diapers) for them. Because the referendum passed, those diapers will cost 1% more. I voted yes, anyway.

Did you get a 1% pay raise this year? I did not. Can you earn even 1% on the money in your savings account? Tell me where you bank.

The thing that kills me is, voter turnout was only 30%. That means 70% of the registered voters did not register their opinion at the ballot box. In my household, 25% of the registered voters are away at college in another state & failed to get an absentee ballot, so I can understand that you'll never see 100% turnout. But less than 30???

I guess I don't understand people who have no opinion on things that directly affect them. Reminds me of a Joe Wise song:

Yes Indeedy
By Joe Wise

Yes indeedy, pumpkin seedy
No siree bob, hey diddle corn cob
Yeah but no but wait a minute, could be so
Maybe baby, chicken and gravy
Don’t be silly sarsaparilly
Hardly yardly, bailing up barley, pick a little, I don’t know!

My Uncle Fred had a problem in his head
So I hear tell from my old Auntie Kay
He could make up his bed but not up his mind
In answer to most any question, this is what he said:


My Uncle Zeke had some funny thinking streaks
He would sit for days just wandering in his head
After weeks of sitting a’whittling and a’spitting
You asked him if he wanted supper, this is what he said:


Uncle Fred and Zeke were driving on a peak
When the car went to the edge, Zeke yelled out, “Brakes!
Should we put them on, old Fred?” was the last thing that they said
And you could hear them singing standing at the Pearly Gates:


----end lyrics-------

No one wants to be responsible. They want someone else to decide for them, so they can play victim if things don't go right. I just want to yell, "Man up! Take responsibility! Right or wrong, decide something!"

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more windmills at which to tilt.

On what will you express your opinion today?

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