Mar 5, 2010

Preparedness: Japan next?

The US is putting a lot of economic pressure on Japan. By giving excessive publicity to Japanese car recalls, inciting fear in car buyers, Japan has halted production and is scrambling to save its good name. The US media could have buried the story on page 15, but they did not. Why?

Giant oarfish have been found ashore in Japan. These fish have traditionally been harbingers of earthquakes to come.

As if Japan needs one more bad thing to happen right now.

Yes, Japan's at great earthquake risk being in the ring of fire, but if (BIG IF) you imagine that earthquakes can be "caused" deliberately, as a military (or economic?) weapon, you'd say it was quite a coincidence. Bad US media, deliberate weapons of war... Are we still fighting Japan?

If I were in Japan right now, I'd be nervous. Would it be better to not know it's coming, and just go merrily on your way? Even with warning, many folks don't prepare for disaster. How many families do you know that have 3 days' worth of water stored in case of emergency? That's what FEMA and the Red Cross recommend. Do you have canned goods? A manual can opener? Do you know how to use it? If credit cards don't work post-disaster, do you have cash on hand?

I prepare for hard times, whether I "know" it's coming soon or not. I can relax, somewhat, knowing whatever happens, happens. I did my best. Whether it's putting together my earthquake provisions, or saving money for a rainy day, planning for the future takes leadership.

Where are you leading your family today?

Edit 3-14-10
If oarfish show up on the Gulf Coast, I'm going to be really nervous.

Look what Japan got today. H'mmmm.

Maybe I'll pick up a few extra gallons of bottled water at the grocery store this week. And every week. You never know.

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