Jun 27, 2010

My Husband is Not a Billboard

In the morning, I like to get up before everybody, drink coffee, and read the paper. On Sundays I read the ads also, and this morning one in particular caught my eye.

Bass Pro Shops had T shirts on sale. If it wasn't this one, it was something like it.

My first thought was, "How much is Bass Pro going to pay me to advertise their store on my body?"

If you go to the store you'll see hundreds of these. I guess somebody buys them, but not me, not us. If you want me to be a walking billboard, show me the money.

Remember Coca Cola clothing from the 1980s? I didn't think you would. It didn't last long. I guess people didn't want to be walking billboards then, either.

What will you stop giving away for free today?

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