Jul 3, 2010

Glitz vs Natural

There are two categories of children's beauty pageants: glitz and natural. The glitz pageants don't pretend to be normal, uh, I mean natural. Makeup, big hair, fake lashes, fake teeth, rhinestones, and all the rest really take "playing dress up" to an extreme.

Natural pageants are more toned down. They only wear enough makeup to look good without looking made up.


Yeah, the natural contestants wear makeup. Maybe skip the flipper, but don't kid yourself.

I wouldn't compete with a just-washed face. They'd laugh me out the door with my "last place" ribbon. The only question then, is, how much can I get away with? Afterall, I don't take out the trash without wearing my eyeliner, so a "just-washed face" is downright indecent to me.

My gray hairs don't bother me (I've earned every one of them!), but some things (like my eyes and lips) just need a little help.

And I'm not too proud to admit it.

What are you not to proud to admit today?

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