Nov 16, 2010

Mark of the Beast

Yeah, I'm on Twitter. Today I said (among other things):
Naked body scans + passenger backlash = "safe flier" id/card/chip. Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. Anyone else seeing a little 666 here?
Since Twitter is limited to 140 characters, and Blogspot is limited only by my imagination, I'll expand on that thought.

Let's say that a certain country's government wants to expand its powers while simultaneously restricting the power of its citizens. Let's say that the government was in charge of creating a "bogeyman" to take the blame for a supposed terrorist attack on its own soil. Let's say that the people reacted in horror to the attack, not knowing that their own government was behind it. Let's say that the people begged the government to "protect" them from the bogeyman. Government says, "ok, we'll protect you, but it will mean you have to give up some of your freedoms," and the people say "take them! take them! We want to be safe!" So the government happily complies with the people's wishes.

The people have given up the freedom to travel freely. Fliers are subject to indignities such as having their toothpaste confiscated, having to take off their shoes, now full naked body scans. The TSA took nail clippers away from my 83 year old dad in a wheelchair. Who's the real threat here?

My point? The government wanted an end result (power.) They created a problem (fear of terrorism) and then offered the solution people demanded ("security.") They ended up with what they wanted from the beginning.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up liberty for safety deserve neither."

And the 666 Beast thing? I see the Mark of the Beast all over the id card/chip. If you want to be identified as a safe flier, you'll have to have their brand. As for me and my household...

The laws of sowing and reaping still apply.

What precious freedoms do you have left today?

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