Oct 31, 2011

Who Changed the Lyrics?

I love hearing The Star Spangled Banner sung at the beginning of ball games. I listened to several renditions before the recent World Series games (go Cards!!!) and I heard, then heard again, what sounded like "through the perilous fight..." and I was sure I misheard. I looked at the closed captioning and it also said "perilous fight."

What? It was "perilous flight" when I learned the song back in the 60s. Did I learn it wrong?

Wikipedia says "fight."

usa-flag-site.org says "fight."

says "fight."

But who knows if the second and third got their info from the first? Teachers don't let students use Wiki as a source for a research paper, because they're often wrong.

Like now.

More research is in order, and I'll post an update when I have an answer.

What puzzle has you researching an answer today?

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