Nov 23, 2014

Mission Trip to Walmart

If you've been longing to go on a Mission Trip, I have good news for you! You need travel no further than your local Walmart.

There, you will find many ministry opportunities. For instance:

You may have an opportunity to allow an elderly driver to have the better parking spot. You may learn patience while waiting for pedestrians to cross. You might give a kind smile and greeting to the kid collecting shopping carts in the parking lot. (Never pass up an opportunity to be kind - you don't know if you are the only kind person he has met all day!)

You might notice the shopper looking for something, and give them directions to the item they seek. You might greet strangers. You might pick up the shopping list that the elderly shopper dropped accidentally.

You might find yourself in the checkout line before someone who is buying only a few things, and let him go ahead of you. You might be in front of someone who is buying lunch, and tell the cashier that you're paying for his purchase, too. You might be behind someone who is short of money, and help them buy the things they need.

And you might tell your church secretary that you brought her a souvenir from your mission trip, as you hand her a gift card from Walmart.

What ministry opportunities will be sent your way today?