May 22, 2015

Scouting for Truth

Juliette Gordon Low is rolling in her grave.

The Girl Scouts, according to an article on CNN, now welcomes boys. Of course, most of us define "boys" by their anatomy. Any boy who is confused about his gender identity, and thinks he wants to be a girl, can join.

My girls will not be joining Girl Scouts any time soon, as the Scouts, themselves, seem to be confused about their identity. Are they Girl Scouts, or are they Anything Goes Scouts?

Meantime, The Boy Scouts want to end the ban on gay leaders, according to the New York Times article. Robert Baden-Powell is rolling as well.

My boys will not be joining the Boy Scouts. Sorry, NAMBLA.

I used to be proud of my rank of First Class Scout (the then-equivalent of Eagle Scout.) This is not my sash. I would have to move a rather large tv to dig it out of the cedar chest to photograph it, but it does look very much like this one.

Now I'm almost embarrassed to admit I was ever in Scouting. What do you say to your kids? "You can't be a scout even though I was one, because it's not the same...." It sounds like a really warped reason, the kind that kids don't want to hear.

Parents, hang tough. You must know who leads the group your child is joining.

Choose your friends carefully. What they are, you will become.

As for me and my household...

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