May 17, 2015

"That Catholic Woman"

For almost 6 years, I worked for a (mainstream denomination) protestant faith community. My dad was horrified. (Him: "You're working for the PRODS????" Me: "Dad! I have to! They're the only ones with money because they don't send their kids to Catholic school!")

Dad never did get over it. Neither did some of the "prods." Oh, there were good, gracious, and amazing people there. And then there were the others. Almost six years in, there was still a feeling that I was not good enough because I wasn't "one of them." Less qualified people were promoted over my head, because I was not a member of their faith community. I wouldn't join to get a promotion, because that would be completely phony on my part.

Then there was that member who still called me "that Catholic woman." Yes, like it was a bad thing.


 I was a minority. I knew it going in. I didn't think it mattered. It did. What happened to entertaining angels unaware?

The opposite of love is not hate. Ask me what it is.

What minority will you welcome into your midst today?

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