Jun 6, 2015


When strangers hurt you or your loved ones, that's one thing. When those you trusted hurt you, the pain increases, I believe, exponentially.

More charges are brought against priests molesting children and the Bishops who knew but looked the other way. We trust the priests to represent Jesus! In persona Christi my friends! The one who forgives sins in the confessional ought not betray our sacred trust outside of it.

Yes, they are human. Yes, they sin like men do. And yes, it is required of me to hate my own sins as much as I hate those of another.

Let us pray for our priests. They are under such heavy spiritual attack, because the devil is trying to take out the Church, not from the periphery but from the HEAD. Not by the parishioners who stay home 50 Sundays of the year, but by the priests and church leaders, and those of us who strive to holiness.

O my Jesus, help us all.

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