Jun 17, 2015

Prayer is Not

Prayer is not an excuse to dish the dirt. "God wants us to pray specifically," said the church lady who wanted all the details of what was going on. I'm not one to judge motives, but I suspected that she just wanted the gossip. God knows the details. You can say to anyone, "Look, I don't need to know what's going on, but you're on my heart today and I'm praying for you." Then leave it at that. If they share, fine. If they don't, fine.

Prayer is not rubbing the magic lamp & wishing for things that the genie must grant to you. Prayer changes everything *except* God's will. It changes you, not Him. It's supposed to bring us closer to God, not be a list of things we must have in order to be happy.

Prayer is not a get out of jail free card. Some people never pray until they're in trouble. I suspect that God will let them keep getting in trouble until it occurs to them that He wants them to pray even when they're NOT in trouble.

All of my prayers have been answered. So have yours. The answer has always been yes, no, or not yet. I trust that God doesn't want me to have good things. He wants me to have the BEST. My job is to thank Him even when I don't know what I'm thanking Him for, just yet.

Thank you for praying for me & my ministry. If there is something for which you'd like me to join you in prayer, feel free to comment below.

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