Jul 14, 2015

Hang Tough!

When God tells us no, and it's not what we want to hear, we cry, we get angry, we threaten to withhold our love.

And none of that changes God's mind.

When you make an unpopular decision for your sons and daughters, they cry, get angry, or threaten to withhold their love.

Or get on Facebook and tell everyone what a horrible life they have.

If the decision you made is the right one, you cannot back down. You dare not send the message that your mind can be changed if they make faces, yell loudly, or throw apples. Once you give in, you have told them that you are a liar and you do not really mean what you say, and they can have whatever they want, provided they push all your right buttons.

Hang tough, Mom. It hurts. It's lonely. But it's right. The rewards come later. I promise.

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