Jul 24, 2015

How to Name Your Child

Those who have large families get to honor many people (Saints) with their children's names. When you name your child, please follow these rules:

1. Make sure there is a Saint (Archangel, Virgin Mother, etc.) in there somewhere: first, middle, something. Your son or daughter will need someone to turn to besides you, some day. Give them someone.

2. Spell the name the normal way. No punctuation, accent marks, or weird spellings. School teachers will thank you.

3. Check the initials and the monogram. Do they spell anything awkward or potentially embarrassing, either backward or forward? Kids will pick up on this. Don't give them ammunition.

4.Give each child a unique name. John Theodore, John Joseph, John Lawrence, John Phillip, and John Charles are not amused. Neither are their wives, the insurance company, or the credit bureau.

5. Remember that your child will someday (God willing) be 30. Bambi & Candy were cute names when they were little, but do not give them a competitive edge when their resume is submitted for a position in global finance management.

6. Think before you speak. I've been called "CatTerBetConnie" for most of my younger years. Your failure to remember which child I am, is humiliating by the time you finally reach my name ... many names later.  Just stop.

7. Always speak your child's name with love. They have to know when they hear their name called, it's for a "good" reason. If you have to say something stern or corrective, don't call him or her - walk up to them and do the correcting. It will keep his or her name - the label that defines him or her - as music, not a word to be dreaded.

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