Jul 1, 2015

Obedience vs Honor

The 4th commandment "Honor your father and mother" is not about obedience. It's about honor. We bring honor to our family by behaving ourselves when we're out in public.

Your family gets its reputation in the community by what your children do (or fail to do) at Walmart. By what they wear. By who they hang out with. By how they treat adults and authority figures.

Teach your children that HONOR is important. Not because I say so, but because YOU live in this community, and our reputation affects how people will treat YOU.

Now, obedience, that's another topic. You cannot walk in disobedience and expect God to bless you. Sometimes He does anyway, but don't you expect it. And don't get mad when things don't go your way. Are you following the right path? Check and double check. You might want to change course.

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