Jul 12, 2015

The Temptation of Facebook

I wanted to call this "The Last Temptation..." but we know better, so it stands as is.

Facebook is ripe for #FirstWorldProblems. Every weekend, it seems, the power goes out for a few hours, and we are all whining (on the FB app on our smartphones) about not having any A/C.

We talk about car trouble, our jobs, our elected officials.

Scrolling through the posts of my "friends," I am tempted to self-pity when I see "everyone" having a fabulous vacation in their beach condo, when I have neither vacation time, nor a beach condo. Yet. (My idea of summer vacation is working 2 jobs instead of 4.)

In other countries, they only dream of A/C, cars, jobs, and elected officials. A vacation? Forget that. He that does not work, neither shall he eat. Literally.

If Facebook is a problem for you, if it keeps your mind on things of this world, then the recommendation of one priest is to "spend more time in Eucharistic Adoration." No wifi in the Adoration Chapel. Just you & Jesus. He can help you get your mind on better things. Eternally better.

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