Jul 25, 2015

The Wrong Things

I want to be a supportive intercessor for my friends, but I cannot always be. Sometimes, people ask for the wrong things, and I can't join them in prayer.

Well, Mrs. Connie, who are YOU to judge?

We're commanded to discern right and wrong every day. God judges.

If you want me to pray that your IVF "takes" this time, don't ask me to pray for you.

If you want me to pray that your live-in partner will "finally" ask you to marry him/her/it, don't ask me to pray for you.

If you want a financial miracle to dig you out of the pit because you're living beyond your means....find someone else.

Some things God will probably say "no" because of Who He is. All of my begging and yours will not help you get the wisdom or revelation, which is probably what you ought to be praying for instead.

I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings, but you need to know where I stand. I'm not unsympathetic to those suffering infertility, loneliness, or poverty.

God just might have other, better plans is all. And it hurts right now, but come back in 10 years and tell me how the struggle was really a blessing.

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