Aug 19, 2015

Bank Accounts and Haircuts

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial adviser. This is my opinion, not advice.

What happened in Cyprus 2 years ago, could be a dry run for what will happen here. The government taxed (stole, basically) 47.5% of all uninsured deposits (over $110,382 USD as of today's rate.)

Don't we have some massive derivative payments coming due? Don't we have a perfect (financial) storm brewing for a shakeup of the world economy?

There is a reason FDIC insurance is only up to $250,000. (And then, if the bank defaults, I've heard they have 99 years to pay back your claim... but that's none of my business.) Anything over that amount, in my opinion, is at risk for being taken, taxed, confiscated. As in, gone.

If I had over $250K, I would look seriously into hard assets, and maybe *some* bank CDs, and foreign based investments, judiciously chosen. To have a bunch of money, and just keep it in a bank (checking or savings) account, in my opinion, that's lazy. Make it work for you.

If I had a 401K, I'd cash it in and buy a working business or start an aquaponics farm with a well, solar panels and rental cottages. Or, I'd be lazy and prepare to lose that, too, when the government takes over 401Ks. Oh, I'm sure they'll manage it wisely, like they do Social Security, the VA, and the Post Office.

Don't worry. Everything's fine. Go back to watching the Karadashians.

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