Aug 12, 2015

Depression and Anxiety

This is not medical advice. Consult your doctor or health care practitioner for medical advice.

I'm just giving my experience and opinion about depression and anxiety. My story is not necessarily your story.

My story:

I've been depressed.

However, I never was depressed when I was taking my elderly friend to her doctor appointments. I never was depressed reading books to the babies in the church nursery. I never was depressed cooking homemade pizza for friends we invited over for dinner.

It occurs to me that getting out of myself and doing nice things for other people makes me happy. Maybe my selfishness (idolatry) is a spiritual problem that manifests itself in depression.

I've been anxious.

Yet somehow, I never get anxious when I immerse myself in the Mass, in praying, in praying the rosary, in Eucharistic adoration, in reading Psalm 91.

It occurs to me that trying to control things over which I have no control (pride) is a spiritual problem that manifests itself in anxiety.

Drugs have their rightful place in medicine. Please take the advice of your doctor or medical practitioner. For me, though, I try everything else before committing to drugs that change how I feel about the world.

Yes, it's a hurt and broken world. Sad things happen, and I cry. I don't want to be numb to my feelings, good and bad. I know, the bad is really bad. But to miss out on the good because you "can't handle" the bad? Well, I'm back on my knees. God has proven to me that I "can" handle more than I think I can. Let me consult the Great Physician first. Sometimes, I've had the answer all along, and it didn't come from the pharmacy. Taking drugs is the easy way out for me. Changing my mind and my way of thinking is hard. I'm taking the hard way. That's my story.

This is not medical advice. Please consult your doctor. 

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