Aug 20, 2015

Freemasons and the Pope

Why do the masons rejoice over Pope Francis? I saw this article and had to wonder. His Holiness talks of Fraternity and Dialogue. Ok, those can be good things. He seems down to earth; he claims not to judge (which is true - only God judges.) People are quick to misinterpret him, to hear what they want to hear, so maybe that's all there is to it.

I am faithful to the magisterium of the Church. I respect Pope Francis as head of the Church, but *love* everything about him - no. It's not being disrespectful. I love my husband, but I don't hang on his every word. (Don't tell him.) Yes it's been two years. He's said thousands of worthwhile things.I'm leery of loving what (and whom) the world loves. The world loves its own. What am I missing? Someone clue me in.

Are the masons  hoping Pope Francis will change Church teaching?

If so, we must pray that the masons are sadly mistaken. If the masons are right, and this pope tries to change the Church, then hold on to your hats, because there's some brimstone a-comin'.

Did he make a comment about retiring next year? If so, that would certainly throw a monkey wrench in the Petrus Romanus prophecies, wouldn't it?

I pray for him. He's got a tough job. I obey his authority. Just not ready to jump on the adoration bandwagon, though. I should not be made to feel like an outsider for being cautious.

Prudence is a gift of the Spirit.


  1. As a Catholic, I am concerned about this Pope. I hope I'm missing something. And I don't mean missing the part where Jesus told his followers to go out and behead the infidel.

  2. Then there's this:

    He won't admit that violence is part and parcel of Islam.

    TLDR excerpt of above link:

    The Church’s handling of the numerous cases of “Islamic abuse” has the potential for causing a greater scandal. The similarities are striking. Once again we have Church leaders who deny that there is any serious problem. This can be seen, for example, in Pope Francis’ repeated assurances that Islamic violence is the work of “a small group of fundamentalists” who, according to him, don’t have anything to do with Islam. And once again, we have a cover-up—this time of the aggressive nature of Islam. After every terrorist incident, the Pope or some Vatican spokesman leaps to the defense of Islam lest anyone get the idea that there is a link between Islam and violence.

    This is sometimes done by denying that terrorist groups or individual jihadists are motivated by religious beliefs (despite voluminous evidence that they are). Sometimes it is done by drawing a moral equivalence between Islam and other religions. Recently, when asked why he did not speak of Islamic violence, the Pope replied that “If I speak of Islamic violence, I must speak of Catholic violence.” Of course, it’s a false comparison. When Catholics commit violence they do not do so in the name of their religion, but in violation of it. Most people realize that there is an enormous difference between the Catholic “who has murdered his girlfriend,” and the jihadist who slits a priest’s throat while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

  3. Go to Confession for not recycling? Oh please.

  4. And there's this:

  5. Something doesn't seem right. I'm not a scholar, so I can't say what. The Church has survived bad Popes before. We will again.