Aug 26, 2015

Know What You Believe

There are, unfortunately, a lot of Catholics who were not properly catechized in the faith. If they knew what the Church teaches, and believed that truth, they would be on fire for the faith, instead of using social media to condemn and try to change, that which they claim to believe!

I read this article today, about a Catholic girls' school that rescinded an employment offer after being told that a woman they were going to hire, would be marrying her girlfriend in the fall. They had to uphold Church teaching, after all.

I get that. And I applaud the school admins and Portland Archbishop Alexander K. Sample for hanging tough. (I've also heard that Oregon is very "unchurched." I believe it.) What was sad, though, were the comments after the article. Comments were made by outraged women who used to attend the school, professing "Catholics" who think it's ok for a school to hire teachers whose lifestyle and values are totally opposite of the faith of the Church. (An unrepentant lesbian teaches at an all-girls' school. What can possibly go wrong?)

There were comments calling the school "inhumane," (really? Look it up) and how it was awful to condemn "who God made her..." etc., which tells me the author of that comment doesn't understand Church teaching. I've written about this before: it is not a sin to be gay. Same sex attraction is a temptation just like any temptation. 

There is a difference, however, between (A) being tempted and praying for God's grace to overcome, and (B) living an unrepentant lifestyle, all the while espousing the belief that you have a RIGHT to do so, and publicly shaming anyone who doesn't share your politically correct views.

We're all sinners. We are each called to the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, or celibacy. Choose. I don't parade my sins around and demand special rights be legislated around them. I respect the dignity of every person, and pray for their - and my - conversion from sin. The teachers who teach my children each have temptations of their own. As a parent, I can't have them telling my child a lie - that they have a "right" to live an unrepentant, sinful lifestyle. 

Hang tough, your Excellency. Eternity depends on it!

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