Aug 3, 2015

Pray More Novenas

A novena is a series of prayers on 9 consecutive days. They can be for petition or thanksgiving. The current one is to Saint Philomena. Miracles have been known to manifest by her intercession.

My noncatholic friends have issues with praying to Saints. I'm not worshiping her. I'm asking her, as a friend of Jesus, if she would ask with me for my petition to God. I know that the protestants have no problem with prayer chains, prayer meetings, corporate prayer, and intercession in general. The only difference is that I'm asking someone to intercede who is a "known" friend of Jesus.

If you want someone to pray for you, are you going to hunt down your drug dealing thug on the street corner, or a pious member of your own church? See? That's what we're doing.

If you aren't already signed up on "Pray More Novenas," I highly recommend it.

Pray More Novenas

It is a ministry of a fine, devout couple in Ohio, who send daily reminders of the daily prayers during each novena.

A week or two after one ends, the next one begins. The email reminders help me not miss a day. With my brain and my schedule, I appreciate that so much. Apparently, so do 200,000 from across the globe, as there are a LOT of folks praying with and for each other.

God bless them (us) all.

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