Aug 24, 2015

Read the Disclaimer Again

Important disclaimer: Connie is not a professional attorney, tax adviser, financial adviser, psychologist, psychic, nor any occupation which requires licensure. All advice is freely given, for entertainment and/or edification only, for you to accept or ignore at your discernment.

Caveat Lector.

Did anyone see the mess that happened in the stock market today?

Are you wearing your seat belt? The craziness is not over. It's going to get worse. I hope you have your money in a safe place. I do not own stocks. This is why. I don't like roller coasters. 

The rich people get rich when the stock market rises. They also get rich when it falls. Someone made a LOT of money today.  

We saw what happened, but what we DIDN'T see, I believe, is equally important. 

Stay tuned.

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