Aug 22, 2015

Same Ol' Devil

The devil can't create anything new. He can only pervert what God has already created. God created sex. My, how the perversions run rampant today.

Contrast the great "I AM" of the old testament, with today's haughty celebrities who demand ridiculous amenities before performing, and condescend to anyone who doesn't recognize their fabulosity with a horrified, "Don't you know who I AM?"

Contrast Jesus's institution of the Eucharist, saying, "This is my body," with the Feminazi and baby killing (and dismembering, and selling, and profiting enormously all the while accepting $3B in tax dollars for providing a public "good") industry's use of the proclamation "It's MY BODY."

It's rebellion.

Same as ever.

Recognize it so you don't fall into that trap.


  1. I believe this:

  2. "Every gift of God is capable of producing some evil through the abuse of creatures such as fire, flesh, wine. Excess of any of these constitute evils; elimination of all of them would destroy cooking, families, and conviviality. Nothing in the universe is intrinsically evil; God saw that it was good." Archbishop Fulton Sheen