Aug 31, 2015

The Burse Club

Archbishop Thomas Rodi sent us a letter last weekend, encouraging us to give generously to the Burse Club, as it helps educate our future priests. I always give generously, of course, because God has called me to do so. Just how generous, you ask?

I'm glad you asked. Read this blurb from the Archdiocese website about the Burse Club:
"The Burse Club, founded in 1953 by Archbishop Toolen, was formed to provide scholarships to assist men in pursuing a seminary education in our archdiocese. Archbishop Emeritus Oscar H. Lipscomb was its first recipient while a seminarian in Rome and since that time monies collected over the past 60 years have been a vital source of funding and support for the many men who have followed in his footsteps to the priesthood. Many, who otherwise might not had been able to pursue their vocation, benefit from the burse."
Get that?

1. Bishop Toolen started it in 1953. 

2. The dues were set at $12 and have never been raised.

I don't know anything that costs the same or less now than it did in 1953, with the possible exception of eggs.

So I plugged $12 into the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index, Inflation Calculator and found out that $12 in 1953 is equivalent to... (drum roll, please....)


That's right. So be generous. 

God will not be mad at you if you cut a check for $107.25.

Trust me on this.

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