Oct 16, 2015

Oil in Israel & the Rapture

Israel has lots of oil. (Fox news link) I knew this for 30 years or so, since I studied Bible prophecy. Most of the world acts surprised about it. Google Asher's foot, boot, or toe. It's been a long time since I learned of it. The slant on the sources, unfortunately, were all decidedly protestant. Lots of talk about end times, and last days.

Many think it means we'll be raptured soon. I'm not holding my breath. God did not rapture Daniel out of the lion's den, nor Noah out of the flood. He doesn't remove us FROM our troubles, but gives us the means and grace to go THROUGH.

So, yes, I believe there are storm clouds on the horizon. Every day I read a paper or watch tv, I see that we are not becoming a kinder and gentler world. Things are going to get uglier. But I am not shaken, since I know whose I am. No matter how many days I have left.

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