Nov 12, 2015


At our house, we don't say "good luck." We don't believe in "luck;" we believe in Jesus.

However, I read a quote once that said "Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness." (I don't know the author.) That quote has stuck with me, because what others attribute to "luck" (something that complainers and excuse-makers lament that everyone else has but them,) is really a result of that person's choices. Not one big choice, but an accumulation of a lifetime of choices.

If you consistently live below your means, don't spend tomorrow's prosperity today by incurring stupid debt and payday loans, do settle for less today (even if it means ramen noodles from time to time,) so that you have something to invest, a seed to plant, you will find that when an opportunity comes along, you are in a position to take advantage of it, because you have invest-able money set aside.

Or, you could just live on borrowed money, complain and make excuses.... and wonder why you're not as lucky as some.

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