May 24, 2015

The Few, the Proud

To all the men and women who serve and have served the US with your military service, thank you.

Why do the Marines call themselves "the few, the proud?" Because if it were easy, everyone would join. If winning the 6-A ring were easy, all the teams would win. Only one wins.

In the book of Judges, Gideon had to thin the troops, so that when they won the battle with so few men, everyone would know it was only with God's help.

Joel Osteen said, "Everyone cannot go where God is taking you. Someone gets off the bus at every stop." You don't need thousands of Facebook friends, or Twitter followers. You need a few, spiritually mature close friends who encourage you to be the best version of yourself, to be all that God wants you to be.

Now, go be fabulous. But be prepared to say goodbye to people you thought you couldn't live without. God might have other ideas.

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