Jun 1, 2015

Shiny Things

The finger said, "look at me! I have a ring! It's gold and diamonds! Don't I look grand?"

Another finger said, "Well, Honey Pie, I have a ring, too. It's platinum and has a channel cut of 9 gems."

The next finger said, "Hey, y'all! I've got yellow gold, and check out the carats on this bad boy!"

The baby finger cried when no one was looking, and wished that she were as grand as her big sisters.

The thumb was too busy being opposable and doing useful things to notice what anyone else was wearing.

Sisters, my sisters: individually, we are weak, like fingers. Together, we are strong, like a fist.

Who will be "together" with me? Who will take a stand for righteousness and appreciate things that are far more valuable than jewelry? (Jewelry's ok - just not as important as righteousness...)

I need serious friends. Spiritually mature friends. Friends who will stand with me, not judge me because your ring is bigger than mine.

I need Divine Connections.

Who's in?

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