Jun 26, 2015

Rose Candle

"I would have burnt the pink candle that was sculptured like a rose before it melted while being stored," said the late Erma Bombeck, in an essay about how she might have lived her life differently. 

While growing up, my mom laughed uproariously at her columns, while I only chuckled at the jokes I got. I get all of them now.

I thought about my mom, and Erma, while wrapping the "good" koozie around my Dr. Pepper the other evening. 

The good koozie?

Yes, it's the fancy one. I keep it in the china cabinet.

You're kidding, right?

Um, no.

It's time to take the good koozie off the pedestal and put it to work! What, in heaven's name, am I saving it for? I don't have a lot of "nice" things (mother of 5 speaking) but if my drink is not worthy of the "good" koozie, than I have bigger problems than just having the wrong beverage in my hand.

Now go burn your rose candle.

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