Jun 19, 2015

Mind = Blown

You can hardly read internet articles any more without seeing a link or a listicle about something promising to "blow your mind!" (A listicle is what substitutes for journalism. It gives us a "list" of 10 things you must do, 5 things never to eat, 6 things that should never be on your resume, and so on.)

Blow my mind? Adrenal fatigue much? How can my mind be blown again and again? Really, the reason for the extra shoelace hole in my sneakers will blow my mind?

Or the ads on Yahoo, which I've seen with many variations on the theme: "Great new [insert name of product here - weight loss product, vitamin, etc] takes [insert store name here] by storm!  Really? Takes it by storm? The weight loss product didn't just show up on the drug store shelf one day and a reasonable amount of people bought a reasonable amount of it for whatever reason? People stormed? Did they have to call in riot control?

When everything is underlined, nothing is underlined.
When everything is bold, nothing is bold.
When everything blows my mind, nothing blows my mind.

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