Jun 10, 2015

If It's Not Broken...

When beloved characters are redrawn, modernized, or changed from how we remember them, always ask why. It's foolish to change just for change's sake. Improvement, yes. Always strive to be better. But different? Why? Give me a great reason.

Look at Bob & Larry's eyes in this classic drawing. Now look at the version I first saw on some paper plates for sale at Wally world. The eyes in the second set are wrong! They aren't supposed to look like that.

I assumed that the paper plate manufacturer made a horrendous mistake, until I found the same drawings on the official Veggie Tales website.

When they got invisible arms, it was because the artists got lazy. It was "too hard," they said, to draw clever cutaways such as were in the original episodes. Ugh. That's not an improvement. And the new eyes? Don't forget what I said about "Whee!" vs "Wow!" New does not always mean better. Remember "New Coke?" "New Math?" Betamax?  Enough said.

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