Jul 13, 2015

Look up!

How many times do you think people say (or think) "I can't imagine life without my smartphone." They panic when the battery goes low. They walk around aimlessly until they get a bar or 4.

In this society, I agree that phones are useful, even necessary. But can't imagine...?

Abraham couldn't imagine having a child, either, and God told him, "Get out of your tent! Look up! Look at the stars!"

Rappers sing about violence, because that's all they know. If they would get out of their tent, they'd see that a few miles down the road, Mass is being celebrated, mothers are kissing their children goodnight, fathers are working hard to provide for their families, children are paying attention in school, and babies are being snuggled.

Get out of your tent. If you think that your world is everyone's world, Honey, get out of your tent!

Look up. Look at the stars.

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