Jul 30, 2015

Bad Bosses

There are certain things they don't tell you in a job interview.

They never say "The environment is toxic, and you will die a little each day."
They never say "Work really hard here, so that others can steal credit for your work."
They never say "It's like working for the fire department: 90% boredom and 10% adrenaline."
They never say "The boss drinks, and his mistakes will be blamed on you - even if you were 1000 miles away at the time."
They never say "The great boss that hires you will soon be replaced by a micromanaging clueless, prideful, unrepentant man who breaks the laws of God and man with equal narcissism."

If they told you these things, who would work there? Yet, here you are, eager and anxious to apply for a job. Then you get in, and 3 months later, when the bloom is clearly off the rose, you want out. Except where would you go? Out of the frying pan and into the fire? You need the money. So you stay, while planning your exit strategy, thanking God that you are able to look for a different job scrolling on your cellphone, without leaving an electronic history on your work computer.

It helps, I think, to view it as a mission trip. You can't just leave, say, Jamaica, as soon as it gets hard or uncomfortable. You can only leave when the group leaves, at the end of the trip. So you force yourself to cope, to put on a smile, and look for Jesus in the annoying people, to bear wrongs patiently, knowing that you are growing in holiness, becoming more saint-like.

And isn't that why we're here, anyway?

We're not made for ease and comfort, but for greatness and purpose. God knows where you are. He's got your back. When you learn to be at peace in the uncomfortable place, then no matter where you are, you will be at peace.

That's the lesson. The sooner you learn it, the sooner you can stop looking for something else, and let the "something else" come to you.

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