Jul 31, 2015

Daddy's Knee

Daddy owned a bank. He's retired now, and other family members own it.

But we learned things at Daddy's knee, that many kids did not learn.

We learned to save money. We don't live beyond our means. My  credit rating is stellar, thanks to Daddy.

We learned that credit is a tool. Used properly, it can make a good thing better. Used improperly or recklessly, it can damage something beyond repair.

We learned to respect businessmen. They hire people. They sign the front of paychecks, so that others can sign the back. Don't begrudge them a profit. They must have an incentive, or why not just close the shop? No poor person ever gave me a job.

Taxing the 1% "more" is not the answer, since they'll just raise prices for everyone at the bottom. Don't listen to those who would cause divisiveness, and incite class warfare. They don't want to help you. They're only interested in making a name for themselves. They're using you.

We learned to attend Mass every week. It's what we do. And we support the Church. To whom much is given, much is required.

God bless you, Daddy.

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