Jul 18, 2015

Do The Right Thing

If you are on the playground with your friends, and a classmate is being excluded from the game, how do you respond?

I asked that of my VBS class this week, and got all the predictable answers: go ask him to join us, tell the other kids that we should include him, leave the group and go find a game that the other student can play...

In reality, I still see lonely kids on the playground.

Oh but if I go against my friends, they won't be my friends any more.
Oh but if I leave the group I'll miss out on this great game.
Oh but my team needs me.

Oh but.

When you know the right thing to do, you cannot pretend that you do NOT know the right thing to do.

My daughter was in a car wreck 6+ months ago. Thank God & guardian angels she was not hurt. Yesterday, we were informed by the insurance company that since the trucker who changed lanes into her denies liability (denies the TRUTH) and there were "no" witnesses, they will not be able to pursue damages from the trucking company.

NO witnesses? A busy interstate in Birmingham Alabama & no one was on it in the middle of the day except my daughter and an inattentive trucker?

No one stopped. No one gave her a name & number and offered to be a witness on her behalf. Oh, but they were in a hurry. Oh but someone else will do it. Oh but I'll pray for them...


Really? Get rid of the OH BUTS and do the right thing. If you witness an accident, stop to give the wronged party your name & number. You don't have to stick around. Give it and go.

Do the right thing.

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