Mar 31, 2011

Extreme Makeover Post Office Edition

The Post Office is not home, but if you spend enough time there, it becomes your home away from home.

My home is as clean as I decide it should be. Ditto my work space. Since I'm currently doing an assignment at the Post Office that keeps me there 40+ hours a week, some beautification was definitely in order.

Dejunking is an obvious first step in beautifying. How can you see a garden unless you clear out the weeds? Boxes of junk, old papers, obsolete forms, piles of bent paper clips (tell me again why we're keeping these?) reflect an "I'll get to it later" mentality. Or worse, "It's not my job."

Later, of course, never comes. And unlike moving a household, when people leave employment, they don't take junk with them. It's left for the next person to oversee.

After the dejunking comes cleaning. Relocate the dust bunnies and bug cemeteries. Get some cleaner on the windows. Scrape the sticker residue off the counter (I recommend Goo-Gone.)

Once the junk was gone from inside the lower cabinets, there was room to move things from the counter top to the lower cabinets. Imagine - everything I own doesn't have to be in sight! How clean and uncluttered the counter top looks when all the unnecessary papers are filed below. They're still accessible, but no one wants to look at them constantly. Not me, and certainly not the customers.

The garden is just a blessing to the community. It's "above and beyond." I've been warned that the flowers might get stolen (I suspect a long-eared "thief" took a bite out of one of my rose buds...) but that's between them and God. I'm just called to be obedient.


Move that bus!

Next time you're at 36578, come visit us. And don't forget to stop and smell the flowers on your way in.

What beauty will you add to the world today?