Aug 19, 2009

What's Honor Got to do With It?

Honor thy father and thy mother. This is ancient wisdom, and best heeded. It goes beyond Mom & Dad, however. In Chinese and other Asian cultures, age and wisdom are revered. The elderly are treated with more respect than they seem to be treated in Western culture. Honor is a big deal. Guess what? It IS big here, whether you know it or not. Honoring your parents means more than obeying them as a kid. It's more than providing for their needs in their old age/infirmary.

Honoring your parents means bringing honor to your family.

What is your "Family" name? It's your last name. My first name is Connie. My family name is Kennedy. I bring honor to my family by the way that I act in my community. Everyone "knows" that we Kennedys are nice people. How did we get this reputation? By being nice to people. We are known for being dependable, honest, and trustworthy. This reputation is built small deed by small deed, day by day. When my children are out in public, they represent our family. When they are in school, they represent our family. Teach your children to be good ambassadors of your family. It's not just about "breaking a commandment," it's about building and maintaining positive relationships, inside and outside your family.

How are you representing your family today?

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