Jan 7, 2010

The Reality of Reality Shows

I'm Tabatha. And I'm taking over.

Thus begins an adventure of a successful salon owner (Tabatha) who takes over a struggling salon to help them achieve the goals and profitability they need to stay open. The struggling salon owner is often horrified to learn what has been going on when he/she is absent.

Reality shows have been panned as being brainless drivel, but I consider them my guilty pleasure. I do derive some perverse satisfaction knowing my house isn't as bad as the one I saw on "Wife Swap." My kids are not as unruly as the ones I saw on "World's Strictest Parents." While I don't own a salon, nor do I know anyone who does, I do enjoy watching "Tabatha's Salon Takeover." She gives sage business advice that business owners (and parents) would do well to follow, at least those who are interested in success.

1. Don't be their "friend." If you're the boss, be the boss. You can't be their buddy and still expect them to follow directions.

2. When the cat's away... Hey, you've got to have face time if you want to stay on top of things. They are not going to supervise each other.

3. Send in your own people to observe. Tabatha sends in customers to see how they are treated. The stylists don't know that their behavior is being reported back to the owner. Would they behave better if they knew? Probably. Accountability is a powerful motivator.

There's more, but you get the point. Nothing is a waste if you can learn from it.

What are you learning from your guilty pleasures today?

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