Feb 6, 2010

So Fake

I pray that my children never enter politics.

Children in elementary school are told, wrongly, that they can grow up to be President. That's not true, of course, because you have to be born into the right family with the right connections and enough money, but there are plenty of local politics to go around.

Local politics are probably the worst. Homeowners' Association boards are notorious for being populated with little people trying to be important and make rules for everyone else. I think I went to Junior High with girls who now sit on these boards.

Politicians make promises they can't or won't keep. Everyone knows that politicians lie. Then they vote for them anyway. Then they act surprised to find out that the tiger didn't change its stripes and voted for the bills that he has always supported even though he swore this time it would be different.

Which only proves that people love a beautiful lie more than an ugly truth. And that politicians probably couldn't get elected if they told the truth. Which is why I don't want my children going there.

I want my children to find their mission in life. I ask them this: What do you think God designed you for and designed for you? Where is your passion? What do you love doing so much that you would do it for free?

Whatever you are, be the best one at it. Except politics. Who wants to be the best liar?

Whose guidance and example will you ask your children to follow today?

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