Nov 3, 2010

Do The Right Thing

I worked at a school today where I have waaaay more volunteer hours than paid hours, and those paid hours are a laughable pittance, so I consider that a "labor of love" as well.

Some of the other teachers were very unkind to me. "They're under a lot of stress," said the principal.

I still manage to be kind, even under stress. I still manage to smile and say "Hi," even when I have a lot on my plate. I still manage to thank the people who make my life easier and better.

My children will still see me doing the right thing. My children will still see me volunteer, be kind, smile, say hi, and say thanks. They just may see me do it at a different school, however. Maybe it's time to stop casting my pearls before swine.

Whose life will you make better today?

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