Jun 4, 2012

To Charter, or Not to Charter?

There is an article in the Huffington Post about Louisiana's move to privatize their school system. There have been ads on Craig's List and other sites seeking teachers without certification to come and fill the slots open by this initiative. Obama's "Race to the Top" funds seem to go only to states that embrace charter schools. 

Public schools hate charters. Why? The same reason banks hate savings and loans. I grew up in a banking family, and heard about it most of my life. S&L's have all the advantages of banks, without all the federal interference and regulation. It's an uneven playing field. 

Same with schools. If we could eliminate NCLB and other straitjacket pieces of legislation, and let the schools do what they do best, with the people who have been doing this successfully for years before NCLB came along then the kids would be better educated, morale would soar, and the for-profit schools would not have the advantage of siphoning off public education funds to line the pockets of the corporate school owners.

There are 9 openings for math teachers in my home district. 3 of them, I'd take in a New York minute. I love math. I've tutored math. But the public schools can't consider me for employment because I'm not HQ by federal standards. Never mind that I'm qualified, willing, anxious even, to use the gifts and talents God gave me. 

As short handed as they are, they are bound (and I do mean bound, ankles and wrists) by federal legislation that puts them at a severe disadvantage.

I might have to move to Louisiana to find work. The playing field leans in that direction. 

About which injustice are you indignant today?

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