Sep 16, 2009

School Fundraisers

Here they come again - the neighborhood children with fliers of products for them to sell around the neighborhood. You've seen them: cheesecakes, wrapping paper, soup mix, so on. The schools are in a pinch. I buy their stuff. I support my schools, and my neighborhood kids. But $10 wrapping paper is getting old. Gift bags (reusable) are more eco-friendly. And I've tasted that cheesecake. Sorry - um, no thanks.

Here's a cool idea I read about here:

This fundraiser has almost no overhead. You get a LaZBoy recliner donated (out of somebody's basement) for a day. You sell raffle tickets (this site said 25 cents, I'm thinking a dollar) and if your name is drawn, you get to sit in the recliner during each of your classes. The Student Council (or whatever group is doing the fundraiser) members put the chair in your first period class. After class, they come and move the chair to your second period class, and so on.

What kid would not love this?

Most middle and high schoolers I know have a dollar to spare, and every one of them would take this chance. The best part? Money is raised for a good cause, kids are spending their own money, not Mom's, and I don't have to eat nasty cheesecake that will go straight to my hips, nor wrap Christmas gifts with paper that will be out to the trash on Dec 26.

Wrapping paper - $10
Cheesecake - $14
The memories (and yearbook photos) of "LaZBoy Day?" Priceless.

How are you going to help your school raise funds today?

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