Oct 2, 2009

Get Your Free Smiles Here!

Every day, I go to public places such as stores, the post office, schools, where I might pass by hundreds of people. My eyes are always looking around. I am aware of not only what is around me, but whom. I try to make eye contact with as many people as I can. I smile at hundreds of people every day. Some of them smile back. Some of them walk past me as if they did not see me, even though they might have passed within inches.

What's their deal?

I have to wonder what makes someone so inwardly-focused that they fail to connect with other humans. In our frenzied pace we might not have an opportunity to engage in a lengthy conversation or discourse on local politics. That's ok. I was just looking for eye contact, a silent connection that communicated, "hey, I'm here too." Is it just their personality, or do they really have too many friends and no need of further human contact? Have they been hurt so many times that they just don't take chances any more? And is hurting me going to relieve their hurt?

I'm giving away smiles and getting relief from my loneliness in return. You can, too. It costs nothing. In today's economy, it's a bargain. Try it.

To whom are you going to give away smiles today?

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